Introducing a NEW pricelist supplier


We are happy to announce COPACO Belgium as an additional supplier for our webstore solutions. This means that once we have the COPACO pricefile location, we can import the additional pricefile and add the COPACO products to your webstore. On top of that we also support real time stock checks & admin area ordering. If you haven't attained your limit of suppliers for your webstore version (entry=1, pro=2, advanced=5) then we can activate this free of charge, otherwise there's a monthly cost of 25€.

Let us know if you are interested.

Introducing “send an email when a new category is created”


Ever wondered how the webstore products are categorised? Our categorisation team links each product to a category which we've created. This means that your webstore will have the products in the same category; no matter from which supplier they come from. From time to time, a new category is created to group a new product range. The most recent ones were for example “Smart Display” and “Smart Appliances/Wearable”. If you would like to be kept in the loop then simply let us know and we'll send you an email for each time a new category is created.

E-nitiative Round Table Discussion is on 23rd June, 2016

Join us to talk about your webstore: How do you register it with Google webmaster tools, How do you process an order, How can you change the colour scheme of your webstore… No fixed programme, just a round table conversation with our customers.

Easy? Please join us

On June 23rd from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm at our offices.

  • Limited to 10 registrations per session.
  • Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

Come, see us in person and find out what you need, first hand.