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E-nitiative Newsletter Update October 2019
October 2019
Mollie Payment Gateway

Mollie Payment Gateway

Upon popular demand we can now integrate Mollie into your webstore too. So, if you had heard of it before and if you doubted that it would be possible; it's the right time request us to enable it! On top of that adding or switching your payment provider to a different supported payment provider is free of charge.

Bancontact is on the platform now

Bancontact payments powered by Stripe

After our announcement in the newsletter of last June regarding the availability of Stripe Payment Gateway, we would like to share with you that you can now have Bancontact payments supported by Stripe as well. If you plan to revise your existing payment method(/s) or want to offer more different payment options to your customers, keep in mind that it is possible to have multiple payment options on your webstore store.

E-nitiative Round Table Discussion

E-nitiative Round Table Discussion is on 28th November 2019

Join us to talk about your webstore: How do you register it with Google webmaster tools, How do you process an order, How can you change the colour scheme of your webstore… No fixed programme, just a round table conversation with our customers.

Come, see us in person and find out what you need, first hand.


on November 28th from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm at our offices.

  • Limited to 10 registrations per session.
  • Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

E-nitiative Headquarters
168 rue Emile Féronstraat
B-1060 Brussels.

Feel free to contact us at customersupport@e-nitiative.be or reply to this email along with the coordinates of the person to contact.