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June 2021
onepage landing
Introducing "One Page Landing Page" Feature


We’ve been working hard behind the scenes and are finishing a feature which is in popular demand; a One Page Landing Page.

This might ring a bell if you’ve worked with wordpress before. Actually, the feature is indeed quite similar: The One Page Landing page is installed in front of your existing webshop. By doing so it helps you to get your marketing message across via your customizable landing page AND prominently presents a set of products that you wish to promote in your webstore.

This feature also includes WordPress© like “in page” editing for you to easily prepare the page content with a minimal technical know-how. Don’t worry, we will set up the template for you as a kick start of your own One Page.

There’s a one time setup cost of €300 for all versions of the store. Thereafter it’s free of charge for the advanced stores, for the Pro/Entry versions there’s a €25 monthly fee.

You can get more details about this by simply contacting us!!!

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E-nitiative Headquarters
168 rue Emile Féronstraat
B-1060 Brussels.

Feel free to contact us at customersupport@e-nitiative.be or reply to this email along with the coordinates of the person to contact.