Newsletter - NOVEMBER 2016

Introducing “Order Export feature” for your customers.

Order Export

Following a suggestion from one of our customers, we created a new functionality; Export the order information from the ExtraNet**. With this feature, the user which is logged on can now export his order history to a CSV file. It will allow your customers to review their orders and use that data without having to request anything from you. Both you and the customer will gain time with this addition and will spend more time on things that matter and less time on needless administration.

Please send us an email request to enable that new feature on your ExtraNet if needed.

** ExtraNet is a feature that is available to “Advanced” version for free and paying option for “Pro” version.

Improved Smart Phone Quick Finder…

Smart Phone

We are happy to announce that we now have introduced a "Screen Size" as a filter option for the "smart phone quick finder***". It will allow your customers to make their buying decision quickly & easily from the webstore. Let us know if you think an important parameter is still missing.

*** Quickfinders are not available for entry level stores. Selected ones are available for pro level stores and all are included in advanced level stores.

Please note that we will NOT schedule E-nitiative Round Table Discussion on this December.