September 2015


Announcing “Order Workflow” Feature

Order Flow

We are happy to announce you that we are currently working on an Order Workflow implementation for our platform. This feature will allow your webstore to have an approval workflow for orders. In practice, it would come down to the following; user x can create a cart and his supervisor, user y, would need to approve the cart before it is processed as an order. Since this implementation is tightly connected to users within a specific company, this feature requires Enterprise level features of the webstore to be activated, so contact us for more information

Announcing “Custom developments”

Custom developments

Did you know that e-nitiative also handles custom developments? We are at your disposal for any customisations to your webstore. Anything goes from adding a simple popup button to a full-fledged ERP integration or custom feed exports.

How does it work? Contact us with your requirements and we’ll talk everything through with you and our team. That way we are sure that we’re on the same page and we can be sure of a successful development.

E-nitiative Round Table Discussion is on 22nd October, 2015

Join us to talk about your webstore: How do you register it with Google webmaster tools, How do you process an order, How can you change the colour scheme of your webshop… No fixed programme, just a round table conversation with our customers.

Come, see us in person and find out what you need, first hand.

Easy? Please join us

On October 22nd from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm at our offices.

  • Limited to 10 registrations per session.
  • Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

Bottom Line

Feel free to contact us at customersupport@e-nitiative.be or reply to this email along with the coordinates of the person to contact.